Your lesson is very clear and the demonstration is very helpful. I just did one of the online courses_open water landscape, and enjoyed it very much!
- Ingrid D.

Wenyun is a multi talented artist. I have been active and appreciative of her art course for over 2 years. Her course exudes calm, but strength, determination but subtlety. You gain a sense that an image she has created does not only depict a subject, a tree, a flower, a landscape but draws you in to it's substance. Not just showing what it is but giving a sense of it's place it's function and causes us to respond to it. It is this aspect, that her course demands an emotional response from the person viewing own work.
- Lynn L.

Wenyun has a true artists sensibility and imagination that has let her move beyond mere craft and into the realm of art and meditation.
- Richard L.

Meditation is one of my favourite things to do. I watched the tutorials over and over, there are so much to learn and I enjoy it very much. Not just about the meditation side, the art piece I did also turns out amazing. Thank you and I just want to paint even more now!
- John N.

I spent all of last year just exploring the brushes, the water, the ink, the different kinds of rice paper....Like the people in our lives, each has its own character and I have learned to appreciate how they are beginning to become my allies in the process. It's about letting go....of what "should" be and seeing things as they are.Just like the daily circumstances that sometimes disappoint or frustrate us, they have forced me to confront patience and perfection.I am finding brush painting to be a metaphor for life. Thanks for making my Friday afternoons so enjoyable.
- Allan S.

In her Chinese brush painting classes, Wenyun is a skilled and patient teacher.Her online Art Meditation courses, however,provide something additional that you can't get in class -- apersonal, closeup tutorial as the camera focuses in and she explains in a few well-chosen words how to load the brush and how to experiment with different strokes, as well as some helpful commentary about shaping the overall image. The fact that students can play and replay portions of a lesson as often as needed is a welcome secondary benefit of online instruction.
- Julie S.